We believe the media strategy should be planned ahead of any move and in any situation. We study the landscape for you, assess the arena you play at, and simulate various scenarios with you by means of war games.
True change often requires concerted efforts and heavy artillery. We know how to place any story on the public agenda, be it with the traditional or modern media, and do so using the most up-do-date tactics and techniques.
The extensive business network of the Dani Levy Communications executives, as well as our unique resources, would open any door you need, be it for business mediation purposes or to help in attracting investors.
We ensure the messages you want to convey to the world are communicated in the optimal and most precise manner.
Modern times require that traditional media campaigns be present also in the social media. We will manage your reputation on the social networks and ensure you are advocated by the most influential social leaders.
The transmission of marketing messages requires creativity and ingenuity. Our product placement department locates the best, most creative placement opportunities for your offering and helps you maximize them on the various media channels.
Every media crisis can be handled, sometimes even transformed into an opportunity. We help you look your best at any situation and in most cases, resolve the crisis on the root cause level. Remember a well-managed crisis is one you never heard about.
Leaks and media crises often originate inside the organization. We will teach you how to prevent them in the first place as well as how to leverage your human capital to make it your best ambassador.
Commercial entities often grapple with regulatory challenges. We facilitate your communication with the legislator and when necessary, embark on working towards legislation changes.
We see you through the entire floatation process, from deliberating the idea to the actual report to the stock exchange.